nashville wedding photographers | paducah wedding photography
nashville wedding photographers | paducah wedding photography

Nashville Wedding Photographers

Scott & Kristin are Nashville wedding photographers who want to have an impact on our clients lives!

Scott & Kristin are Nashville wedding photographers who are from Paducah, KY. We care about our clients and want to create lasting friendships, after all would you rather your friend be your wedding photographer or a stranger?

I can still remember when I told Kristin that I wanted to start trying to do photography as a business. I was actually in nursing school when I decided to drop out and pursue wedding photography and newborn photography. What I thought would be simple to do actually turned out to be pretty complicated. I poured myself into everything photography for the next year. What camera was the best, what lenses to use for weddings and what lenses to use for newborns, what kind of lighting to use. After that year I finally felt pretty good about the wedding photography work that I was producing that I decided to start charging people for photographing their wedding. I can still remember the first wedding I shot, and how if there was one thing I wanted from that day it was for the bride to walk away with a smile on her face because of the wedding photography experience I had given her.

So life set in and for the next three years Kristin and I worked at setting our business up in Nashville and pursuing the Nashville wedding photography market. During this time we also added 2 awesome kids to our family, Hayden and Ella. Kristin eventually joined me full time in photographing weddings in the Nashville area and photographing newborns at our studio in Nashville. We decided that we didn't just want to photograph our clients weddings, we also wanted to have an impact in their lives and help their new marriage succeed. Kristin and I are investing in our clients by having dinner dates with them, and getting to know who they are so that on the wedding day we don't just show up as some wedding photographers, we show up as Scott and Kristin. Nashville Wedding Photographers who care about our clients and want to see their marriage succeed and our last all the statistics out there. One of the ways that we encourage our clients in helping their marriage succeed is by being more than just photographers we become counselors and love answering any questions they have whether it is about wedding photography, or their marriage and relationship in general.

If there is one thing that we have learned in being wedding photographers its that we get to be a part of some amazing moments in our clients lives that a lot of other people don't get to see. As wedding photographers we don't just want to take good pictures we want out wedding clients to enjoy their wedding day, and have fun. So most of the way we work involves interacting with our clients and getting them to interact with each other in a way that is natural and brings the couple together. There are a ton of Nashville wedding photographers, so we want to make sure that we are the wedding photographers that can help you enjoy your wedding day and enjoy the moments that you are going to remember every time you see your wedding pictures.

When you hire us as your wedding photographers we want to be more than that for you. Have questions that seem silly to ask anyone else, give us a call. Want to chat about brides maids dress colors, or what flowers would look best for the season? We want to be as involved as you need us to be. We want to make a real and lasting impact on your marriage and the friendships that we make with our clients. We love dinner dates and just hanging out with our clients, some of our best friends today have been past clients of ours.We love emotion & capturing it on your wedding day. From the first time the groom sees his bride to daddy giving his little girl one last kiss on the cheek. Nothing tells a story like emotion, and your story and how it unfolds is important to us.

As Kristin and I get to know our clients we become more than just wedding photographers to them, we become friends. And after all wouldn't you rather have a friend for your wedding photographer than a stranger?

Scott & Kristin are Nashville wedding photographers from Paducah, KY who relocated to Nashville, TN we love creating friendships with our wedding photography clients.

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